End of Year Progress Report

Yesterday was the last day of school for the public school students in Hawaii. Some schools are on a track system (they share classroom space, so the student body is divided into 4 groups, only 3 of which are ever attending class at any given time), so they will continue a bit further into the summer, but for the most part, school is O. U. T. What does that mean for homeschool families? It means the lines at the water park will be long, the beaches will be crowded, and the parking lots full. Homeschooling families will have to share our coveted day time playground space, our empty malls and grocery stores, and all the “fun” spots with thousands of other carefree little people. Ugh.

The. struggle. is. REAL.

But I have to say, the WORST part about public school being out for homeschoolers is that we need to get our end of year reports typed up and sent out. In the state of Hawaii, we have to turn in a yearly progress report to our local school to demonstrate that our students have indeed, learned this year. Sounds easy enough, right? But sifting through the laws and the completed school work, plus the way my mind overthinks EVERYTHING, makes this a fairly stressful experience. Someday, I swear, I am GOING to stop overthinking everything, but for now, it works for me.

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Letter of Intent

Signing up for this whole homeschool gig can be intimidating, that’s for sure. You have to worry about following the law AND not screwing your kids up at the same time. It’s a delicate balance. When I found out I had to write a letter of intent to homeschool, I was overwhelmed with anxiety. Writing, then subsequently turning in that letter meant that I INTENDED TO HOMESCHOOL. I was deeming myself and my husband as wholly, completely responsible for the education of our child. Which, of course, means I was deeming MYSELF responsible, because let’s face it, if sh*t is going to fly with this homeschool gig, it’s going to land on the parent-teacher… ME.

But alas, it had to be done, so night after night I worked through my intense nerves (which involved much stomach cramping, nausea, and sweating) googling what others had written for their letters, and I finally managed to write up our letter of intent to homeschool. Because I want your experience to be a little less stinky than mine (see what I did there? Sweat, stinky? hehe), I will share this document here with you. You only need to turn in a LOI once at each school your child should be attending in the state of Hawaii, so if you move, you need to send a new LOI, if your child is promoted from elementary to middle school, you need to send a new LOI, and if your child is promoted from middle to high school, you need to submit a new LOI. My LOI is written mostly for those residing in this great state of Hawaii, but with a few small alterations it could be used for other states as well. Please feel free to copy it, alter it, and use it for your own. I only ask that if you choose to share it, please do so by directing people here to get it for themselves. Here it is: LOI Template Hawaii

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